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Working Overseas – How To Adapt Work Culture

Expect the work processes to be handled differently at your new workplace than in your old office. Don’t express opinions such as “my way of doing this is much better”. You cannot change the prevalent culture and you will only end up alienating people.

Whenever you find yourself thinking along these lines take a deep breath and remind yourself that you should be flexible to alternative ways of doing things. 

Harness the power of your new culture

Try to find out the biggest strengths of your new culture and then learn to adopt them. Similarly be aware of the weaknesses and work out ways to work your way around them without sounding rude or pushy.

If you think that your new colleagues are lax about deadlines give them a deadline that is at least 3 days ago than when you actually need it. Similarly in other situations too don’t criticize people just learn ways of adapting to them; find win-win solutions and innovative ways of achieving your goals.

Remember that you will return from your stint at working overseas as a more matures, evolved person with a broader perspective. Skip Bins

Not only will Work Thailand boost your self-esteem but your prospective in life will change.

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