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Why Window Tints Are Better than Window Blinds

When one wants to have a privacy at home, they can either choose between the window blinds or tints. But there are some advantage of the window tints over the window blinds:

Window Films require less Maintenance

Curtains and blinds require continuous maintenance as they become soiled easily. Dirty curtains not only make your rooms look dirty, but put you and your loved ones at the risk of allergy. You either have to dust them regularly or send them to the cleaners at regular intervals. All this means additional expenses and hassles for you. Consider window films instead that require no special cleaning or maintenance. All you have to do is wipe the tinted pane with a cloth as you would do for any regular window.

Tinted Windows offer Great Security

Apart from privacy, installing window films is also a good security measure as burglars will be less tempted to visit your home if they cannot see what’s inside for them. You can proudly display all your expensive decorations and other gadgets without worrying about burglars once you get all your windows tinted. Tinting also forms a protective layer over the glass panes. This strengthens the glass beneath and prevents it from breaking into shards during storms.

Window Tinting makes Homes more Comfortable

Window films are capable of blocking almost seventy five percent of the sun’s heat from entering your home. In the summer this means huge savings towards electricity bills as your AC machine will run for fewer hours. The films also block the harsh glare of the sun, thereby creating a pleasant indoor ambience ideally suited for reading books or watching TV. Moreover, window films also block almost 99% of the harmful UV rays of the sun that can cause skin cancer and other skin ailments.

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