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Why is the Use of Graphics and Designs over Content more Beneficial in Flyers

You must have heard about the adage “one picture is equal to a thousand words”. Well in case of business promotional tools like brochures, flyers, leaflets etc one picture can substitute one thousand words (provided its relevant). Images are a more visual way of attracting attention and because first impressions are super important in the marketing promotions industry. Images and graphic designs make sure that your first impression is as good as it gets.

The importance of graphics and designs

If you are selling a product then putting an aesthetically taken graphic image of your product on the flyer will work way better than pages of text with rich descriptions. Most customers do not have time to plod through blocks of text.

Pictures have an immediate “look at me” appeal. If the flyers reach the hand of a potential customer who has not seen/ heard of your business before then the quality of the graphic design is something that he will judge your business by..

Now, if you are selling or promoting a service then a flyer with images of customers using and benefiting from your services will work well. Do you have any idea for your flyer design?

Cut across language barriers

When you are creating a text only flyer you are actually assuming that your target is conversant in the kind and style of language you are using. You automatically miss out on the chance to reach out to people of different cultures and nationalities when you use a text only flyer. Images and designs however have universal appeal and can strike an emotional chord with people of all castes, creed, colour, economic status and nationalities.

With the use of technology, the internet has become a good tool in promoting your online business. Creating an interesting and short yet informative promotional video is a good example.