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Why is it Not Wise to Buy Over the Counter Disposable Cosmetic Lenses

For a fresh and appealing look people do a lot of things and they go over the counter when it comes to buying contact lenses. For all round vision and an alternative to spectacles many people prefer to buy cosmetic lenses which are easily disposable.

Some lenses are disposed daily, some are disposed weekly and some are disposed after 6 months’ time. Time to dispose totally depends on the type of lenses you are using and the behaviour of the eyes, as the eyes of some people are very sensitive and some are able to wear any type of lens without any complications. It is not a wise decision to buy disposable contact lenses without the prescription and medical advice of the doctor. See Acuvue Oasys contact lenses


Many people do not have the knowledge about the lenses they are using. Today, a lot of features are displayed online while buying contact lenses from the online store but what will suit your eye and what will not, can only be analyzed well by the doctor. Some lenses can be worn without taking off for 7 days and are called extended wear disposables, but some needs to be taken off before going to bed. Such knowledge about cosmetic lenses is very important before buying one else it may harm your eye causing unnecessary trouble. Taking a doctor’s advice is highly essential to make an appropriate choice.

Lens expiry

Contact lenses also have a life span. So, it is important replace when they are used for a longer time. The expiry of the lens must be checked from the supplier box and if the date is passed then stop using them.