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Why Glass is Always a Better Option for Parties than Melamine

Dinnerware or crockery is one of the most extensively used items around the house. Naturally, when you buy your dinnerware you look for elegance, functionality and durability. You would never like to invest in something that will break easily thereby forcing you to replenish your stock often.

What is Melamine?

Melamine is an organic compound (resin) that is combined with formaldehyde and urea to create synthetic melamine. The resultant plastic can be moulded into any shape but once set, its shape cannot be remoulded further. Melamine is extremely versatile, durable and resistant to heat and fire. It is used to manufacture myriad products such as whiteboard, kitchen tiles and other domestic appliances including crockery.

Should you Use Melamine Crockery

Today, melamine crockery is used to serve food everywhere…at home, office canteens, restaurants, hotels and other public places where durability of the crockery is of vital importance. Melamine crockery is easily available in different colours, shapes, styles and sizes. This makes it ideally suitable for almost every type of occasion and parties.

Why is Glass Better?

One of the prime drawbacks of melamine is that it stains easily and is prone to getting scratched. This makes melamine crockery unsuitable for long-term or regular use as any crockery that would be used regularly must be resistant to staining and scratches.

Glass is one material has ideally suits this requirement. Glass is scratch-resistant so that you don’t have to worry about guests spoiling your precious plates with their knives and forks. Also, glass does not stain so your glass crockery stays shinning and beautiful for years.