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Why en up on an over 40’s dating site

Being 40 in this day and age is said to be the new 20. At 40 years of age, you have accomplished some of your dreams in career, establishment, and future and have had a lot of experience in a few things. You have probably toured the world, met with the who’s who of your generation, and attended so many weddings and burials, baby showers and graduations too. But with all this going, you still find you on an over 40’s online dating site. Why? Most may ask. Were you too busy building a career that you forgot your love life? Did you have a nasty heart break that turned your heart cold? Was your childhood that bad growing up? You can be sure to face some really cruel questions when it comes to this part of your life.

You try going on dates but you end up walking away frustrated and disappointed at how bad the conversation was. Your friends and family will definitely try to have blind dates arranged for you. With time, it becomes everybody’s business to know why you are still single. You put up a happy act to show you are doing just fine but nobody buys it. So, you decide to try an over 40’s dating site. You have never been on a dating site and you have the least bit of idea how it works. You decide to try it anyway since you stand to lose nothing. You follow the steps indicated and create a profile. You look for your most happy and best photo to upload so as to attract a different pair of eyes. You fill out your information and nervously hit the done option. More often than not, you feel stupid and are tempted to log back in and delete your profile.

In an over 40’s dating site, you do not expect to find a lot of half-naked pictures or childish like profile information. So you decide to go on the hunt. You like a couple of pictures and view some profile information that you think you can relate to. You go on a few dates with the suitable and picked out dates you got and surprisingly you like it but still haven’t found the right one so you keep looking full of hope. Well as they say, patience pays. So you decide to be patient, persistent and diligent to keep looking for the right one because you are sure he/she is still out there.