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Why Do We Sleep?

Sleep, by definition, is a condition of complete rest and relaxation of the body and mind. Sleeping falls under the part of your regular activities, and is equally essential as the rest in keeping a healthy mind and body. Several theories suggest that you spend almost one-third of your life sleeping; however, there is no particular reason as to why so. The bed that we use affects the quality of our sleep. Check different beds that suits your need.

Maintenance of other functions

The rest the sleeping provides helps in maintain the proper activity of other muscles and organs of your body. Sleep deprivation can cause fatigue and tediousness. Moreover, going on without sleeping can cause imbalance to your body, leading to serious issues in a later stage.


Many theories have been suggested to bring out the proper reasons for sleeping. Even though none of them fully brings a satisfying answer, they will somewhat ease out the curious minds searching for the reasons.

Inactivity theory

Regarded as one of the most primitive theories, it suggests that the animals that are able to make themselves less active or inactive at the darkest hours are less prone to accidents; the survival rates of such animals are higher. Hence, basically considered as a part of the evolutionary theory, sleeping serves to, in a way, protect animals from harm.

Energy conservation theory

Sleeping aids in conserving energy. After a good sleep, you will always feel energised. This is because of the energy stored in the body during sleeping. Metabolism does not stop even when you sleep, thus storing up the energy for later use.