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Why Choose Plantation Shutters

You may have just moved in to a new house, may this be a newly built house that you just had constructed or may it be a house that you are trying to renovate or redecorate. May be thinking of a total change in the look of your house, or perhaps concerned about the privacy of your house and everyone that is in your house. All these may be fixed by having plantation shutters Campbelltown.

Curtains and blinds are a thing in the past; currently the trend is Plantation Shutters. Due to the fact that they offer a trendier look to your house at the same time providing safety and security to it so goes with everyone living in the house. As of date, these shutters are called and referred to as ‘the ultimate window coverings’ not just by the manufacturers but also by the owners.

Benefits of choosing to go with Plantation Shutters over the other coverings:



1. Readily available: they are readily available in different sizes and shapes, giving a more flexible option for the reason being that not all windows are square and rectangular in shape. These types of shutters are offered in categories such as arches, full height or the so called café, multiple or single panel designs.

2. Easy to install: they are displayed in the shelves having pre drilled points for installation ease. Else, you can always have a handyman or handy person mount these Plantation Shutters for you, if free installation is not an option upon purchasing them.

3. Ease in cleaning: the material and construction of the said shutters, either made from fiberglass or hard wood (often varnished or painted) gives it a seal or protection against dust and dirt, apart from the fact that the louvers are gap wider than that of a traditional shutter, traditional shutters have an inch wide louver versus Plantation Shutters that has at the least two inch wide louvers up to four inches wide louvers.

4. Better viewing: as discussed, the gap is wider or bigger, that said, having a wider louver would indeed imply better or wider viewing of the outdoors especially when multiple Plantation Shutters are mounted on a wide window such as that of kitchens, dining areas and living rooms.

Although these Plantation Shutters can be paired with fabric coverings to give a better feel or look, they can stand on their own to provide a classy yet trendier look to your house.