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Why Are Photo Booths Popular in Weddings?

In the age of bridal selfies, wedding hashtags on social media and instapics, it’s no wonder photo booths have become such a hit in the recent years. While most fads have come and gone over the years, the photo booths have remained to stay and remain trendy over the years. In Australia, it’s difficult to go to a wedding reception and fail to see a booth.

Weddings are meant to be a fun and exciting event for everyone. Style photo booths Sydney provides an additional entertainment value for the guests and family. One may have different cocktails and the best DJ in the market. However, a photo booth provides a great source of entertainment not only to the guests in attendance, but also the children present.

Secondly, guests want to offer the couple all the support and love on their big day. While a photographer may seem like an excellent choice, photo booth hire allows the guests to freely express themselves without being intimidated by the camera man. Most booths have easy touch-screen set ups or a wireless remote to switch on the camera. Furthermore, some companies offer attendants to show the users how the gear works and different ways to make the photo session fun.

Weddings are meant to bring people together. Everybody wants to go take those weird, funny looking photos at the booth. It’s the place where people from different backgrounds interact, socialize and later become lifetime friends. In addition, compared to a traditional wedding photographer, wedding booths are totally affordable. Depending on the features and the time one wants to hire the booth, the price can range from $300-$500.

With photo booth hire, you can find a booth that suits your occasion and preferences. There are curtained booth that fit up to 10 people and there is a standard enclosed booth that can fit 5 people at once. Some companies offer an inflatable photo booth that lights up. As a host, one should be able to select a booth that can comfortably accommodate the guests as well as the space available.

What’s more exciting is that one can personalize their booth to suit a certain theme at an event. Accessories such as props and other fancy items add that element of creativity and sparkle to the function.

Finally, the ability to bring back the old fashioned way of doing things make photo booth hire an excellent choice for weddings. The ability of having the photos delivered instantly ensures that guests will have photos to take home and remember for ages to come.