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Who is Eligible for the Satellite Subsidy Scheme to become Digital Ready?

Not everyone is eligible for these government schemes and subsidies though. While some people may still be struggling to update their connections, it doesn’t mean they can necessarily apply for a subsidy. In order to better understand who is eligible for the schemes while at the same time understanding other aspects of the scheme. For the mean time, Consult Home theatre Brisbane for inquiries on home cinemas installations.

Problems in converting the signal

If you live in an area that is relying on a digital tower for a television signal, but the tower is not being able to convert the existing signal into a digital format, you may be eligible for the scheme.

Needless to say, in order to be eligible, you have to own property in the said area and have a valid citizenship.

Your area needs to be eligible for the scheme, you can easily check if it is or not through the online portal or by seeking detailed information from your nearest scheme office.

What does the subsidy involve?

The Satellite Subsidy Scheme (SSS) is essentially a government aided scheme that offers lower rates of installing and buying the related digital format equipment. The scheme involves important equipment necessary to convert the signal like a satellite dish, a VAST format set-top box, required cabling, apt digital antennas and the sorts.

A one year warranty on the installation and equipment is also extended to all customers.

On the whole, the scheme can be trusted since it offers good quality service throughout the purchase, set up and maintenance phases.