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Where To Install Smoke Alarms

Arguably, the best and safest method for smoke alarm installation is to hire a professional electrician to do it for you. Just make sure the electricians in question is licensed and knows what he is doing; otherwise, imagine the irony of a fire that got started by a faulty smoke alarm system. Although, this is next to impossible, with all the safety features and design innovations.

In any case, should you decide to perform the smoke alarm installation by yourself, and you know how to handle electricity and wiring, here are some pointers you might want to consider. Also, if you opt for the services of a professional, these tips might help you gauge their effectiveness and identify shoddy work before there is any real harm to yourself or your property.

First of all, the best locations you need to consider when it comes to smoke alarm installation are close to sleeping areas and between them and exits. Also, many people choose to install them in kitchens or the living room, but bedrooms are far more important for several reasons. In fact, kitchens do not make prime locations for smoke alarm installation, but we will get to that later.

The most important reason of them all is to make sure you wake up on time in case there is a fire in your apartment or home. In case a fire breaks out at night, it is far more important to have a smoke alarm where you can actually hear it and wake up, rather than close to the source of this fire and smoke. Also, people who like to smoke in their bed can inadvertently cause a fire if they forget to butt out or fall asleep with a lit cigarette.

Most importantly, some people prefer having various electrical appliances in their bedroom, mostly cell phone chargers and electric heaters – those are a major fire hazard. Also, if you have a TV or an AC unit or some other device, the sounds they make might disguise the smoke alarm triggered on the other side of your residence.

Having said that, kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms are not the best location for several reason. First of all, smoke alarms do not like steam and smoke – that is why you have them in the first place. Plus, these areas are nowhere near as dangerous even if a fire breaks out. People usually expect a fire to break out in the kitchen, so there are usually fire extinguishers nearby. And laundry rooms and bathrooms are only used occasionally and have ready access to water. It is the hallways, living rooms and bedrooms you need to worry about. Brisbane smoke alarm installation provide the best service that ensure you and your family’s safety.