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Where Can We Use the Solar Electricity?

Simply put, solar energy is derived from the sun through solar panels. The energy derived is clean, renewable and sustainable. It not only gives your home the desirable backup when needed, it also conserves a lot of energy, thereby initiating ‘Going Green’ movement. Here are some of its uses:

Power Your Home

Don’t be surprised. You can power your home with solar systems. All you need to do is contact Solar systems in Brisbane to add solar panels to gather sunlight and convert it to electricity. DC power (direct current) is sent to an inverter. The inverter then converts DC power into AC power (alternate current). And AC power runs your home appliances like water heater, TV and even AC Unit.

Battery Charging

Charging your batteries with solar power is highly rewarding. You can use it to power sump pumps, hot water pumps, lighting and the like. All you have to do is charge your batteries throughout the day when there is sufficient sunlight. Once you are done with it, you can easily use it during the night time and conserve energy and also save your money.

Water Heater

One of the most efficient uses of solar power systems is heating water. Instead of using gas or electric water heaters, if you opt for solar water heaters, you will no doubt save at least 20 – 30% of your expenses. You have to fish out some money during its installation, but once it is done, you can reap the benefits for a long time.

Swimming Pool Heater

Don’t enjoy taking a dive into cold water? You can overcome this discomfort by adding a solar blanket. You will be surprised to know that no other installations are needed. Or, you can simply install a solar water heater and when the water in your tank gets warm, you can pump it to your pool.