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When Dealing With Corporate Catering

You are just so busy because of a corporate event you are tasked to cater. As you are in a business where competition is fierce, you need to give your best performance with every client especially as important people like the executives. With corporate event, it is expected that you will be serving executive people who might have meticulous taste, so better take extra care if you want to be hired again. If this is your first time with them, then most probably, they were not satisfied with their past caterer as you cannot expect this event to be their first time in their company, right? So, better do your best to become their regular caterer for their next events. Take note that they can become your advertiser as well if they will enjoy your service. These people have a lot of connections wherein they can surely recommend you.

So, here are some tips that should help you a great deal in this project:

Give it more time to prepare. As this is a big client, be sure to prepare for this event really well. To do that, you need to be sure you will serve at least enough food. It is okay if the food s too much but you must never run out of them. Another thing you should know as the caterer is the duration of the said event and if they have some special requests about the kinds of food to be served. You must think ahead when it comes to the kind of foods to serve more. When it comes to drinks, you can expect that one for each of them will not be enough as there are some who will get thirsty right away. So, better be ready for them.

Since you are serving important people here, never consider serving them with boxed foods. That is for ordinary people. Executives would prefer elaborate presentation like a buffet type with many great choices. So, better prepare them foods with high qualities. It will surely make them remember you if you will provide a classy kind of presentation during their tiring meetings.

Managing a business is not easy with a stiff competition, so while you still have clients to impress your prowess with, make the most of it. Don’t make them your last one but instead, a start of the many possible clients. You can accomplish that by making sure no one will be dissatisfied with your service. To do that, talk with the event planner to know if there are some guests who are allergic to a particular kind of foods. Especially that most executives are already at the prime of their age, you can expect that some of them are not allowed to eat all kinds of foods. So, you should also give them considerations for what if it is the company owner that happens to be in such situation? For sure he will instruct the event planner not to hire you again.

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