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What You Should Know About Air Conditioning in Retail Stores

This is something that many lessees don’t take seriously. It is understandable as people in general are not comfortable with legal jargon. However, the Retail Lease Agreement along with the Landlord’s Disclosure Statement can give you a detailed idea on all outings that the landlord can charge you towards servicing and maintenance under different segments. If you feel intimidated with so many terms and conditions, hire a lawyer to help you go over them and understand your own rights and responsibilities clearly.

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For Retail Stores with Existing Units

In general, a Commercial Lease that is certified by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) or Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) will include the cost of repairing and maintaining all existing installations under outgoings which the tenant has to pay for. In fact, the law states that it is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain all cooling, heating or air conditioning apparatus and keep it in the same condition as it was when the commercial space was rented. If the rental store is a part of a larger building with air conditioning or heating in common areas (such as in a shopping mall), then the tenants should share the expenses incurred in the repair or upkeep of such facilities. Hire only the professionals to maintain your ACs. Let the Brisbane AC installer do the job and you will be sure that everything will be alright.

In case of rental of retail stores, the Retail Leases Act 2003 clearly states that the landlord will be solely responsible for the servicing and maintenance of any such equipment within the store that the tenant cannot take away once the lease expires. In other words, the landlord is solely obliged to pay for commercial air conditioning installs. However, the landlord can recover the repair and maintenance expenses for the air conditioning from the tenant in the form of outgoings. In order to do so, the landlord must hand over a Retail Leases Disclosure Statement to the tenant at the very beginning of the lease term. The statement should give a detailed account and estimated cost for all repair and maintenance work that the tenant is expected to pay for.

Therefore the landlord can only charge for repairs and not for commercial air conditioning install. Replacement costs are termed as capital expenses and this cannot be reimbursed from tenants. As a tenant, you are only expected to pay for all repairs servicing of the air conditioning system in your retail store. You are not obliged to pay for a new unit as you will not own it or carry it with you when you give up the rented premises.

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