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What you should do before Vacuuming your upholstered Furniture?

Your upholstered furniture is considered to be the centerpiece of a well decorated home. With this being said, a careful cleaning and maintenance is necessary for this. Vacuuming this at least once a week is enough. But remember that vacuuming is only good for sucking up dry dust and dirt. Oil spills or sticky stains need to be spot cleaned first. Keep a clean towel handy to wipe up any stains on the furniture. If you do this quick enough you might succeed in eradicating the stain completely.

You can also consider treating the upholstery fabric with a fabric protector beforehand. If you have kids and pets in your family then synthetic upholstery is more suited to your needs.

Why steam cleaning is better for upholstery maintenance?

The method preferred by furniture upholsterer Brisbane and carpet cleaners all over the world is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is also known as hot water extraction and this process is efficient at sucking out the tough deep dirt which resides inside the material. Unlike vacuuming which uses brute suction force to extract dirt out of the upholstery of your furniture steam cleaning has a softer gentler approach.

Hot soft water which is specially purified and fortified with a special cleaning solution is transferred within the upholstery fabric by special methods. A special nozzle with a scientifically designed suction force extracts the deep rooted allergens, used cleaning liquid and pent up moisture.

The use of water in the steam cleaning method protects the upholstery fibers from being damaged. This is why steam cleaning is one of the most preferred methods used by upholstery cleaners.

Wooden furniture, meat and dairy products are some of the items that are not easy to be shipped to Australia.

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