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What Types of Catering Equipment are Most Commonly Found in Eateries

When you are running catering business, it is necessary that you have to keep your equipment up-to-date. As your business grows, customers increase and orders pour in, you will need to find larger equipment to speed up the process of making food. In such cases, you need to depend on certain hospitality equipment that will ensure you are able to provide great customer service and increase the reputation of your business.

Soup kettles

This hospitality equipment is a must if you have to make sauces, soups, stews and even to boil water. It is the first thing that most people use in the commercial kitchens. It is a large kettle that is hung over the gas tops so that it cooks and boils the food gradually.

Bain Marie

A light heating hospitality equipment that is useful to keep the orders hot so that it could be served in the same temperature to the customers. This equipment can also be used for slow heating or cooking of food. One of the greatest benefits is that it does not touch the food directly. As a result, it also backs up as a boiler.


If you are serving continental dishes which need to be baked such as pizza or lasagne, you need to haveĀ hospitality equipment such as commercial ovens. It comes in gas version as well as electric version. The gas oven is useful for making pizza and pasta, whereas the electric oven is useful for confectionary items such as cakes and pastries.