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What is Video Production?

A video production is referred to as a process of creating a video through capturing images that are moving and then creating reductions and combinations of the parts of the video in a production that is live and also post production. You will find that in most of the cases, a video that has been captured is usually recorded on an electronic media. Examples of electronic Medias are hard disks, video tapes, solid state storage etc. Instead of recording a captured video, it can also be distributed electronically. It is the same as filmmaking but the images here are recorded electronically instead of recording them on a film stock.


Video production can also be said to be the art and also service of creating content and delivering a video product that is finished. It can include the production of programs of television, corporate videos, television commercials, event videos, special interest home videos and also wedding videos. Production of a video can range in its size from home movies that are made by a family using a prosumer camcorder, one solo camera operator who has a professional video camera in a camera set up that is single it is also known as one man band, a videographer who has a sound person, a multiple cameraset up shoot that is in a television studio to a truck of production that requires a whole crew of the television for an electronic field production that can be abbreviated as EFP with a company of production that has a set construction on a movie studio’s backlot.

The styles of shooting that are used in a video production usually involve on a tripod which is also known as sticks for a shot that is locked down; it is hand held so as to attain a camera angle that is more jittery or a looser shot which incorporates dutch angle, whip zoom and whip pan usually on a jip which smoothly soars to heights that are varying and also with a steadicam which is for movement that is smooth when the camera operator incorporates techniques that are cinematic moving through the rooms.

A corporate video production usually cover purposes that are in a wide range from a corporate education and training, communication, videotaping conferences and also convections, services and products and lastly sales. Candids or happy face video is a popular type of a corporate shoot. In this corporate shoot, a multiple day event is normally covered by a video crew that usually include speakers, awards ceremonies and also activities of local recreation where conventioneers normally participate.