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What Is Lock Bumping And How Can You Stop It?

Lock bumping is something that has been talked about for years, but few actually know exactly what it is. Most homes still use cylinder locks which can be easily picked with a few basic tools. All one needs to do is insert a specifically cut key into the lock and bump the key with a screwdriver to force the pins in the lock and the door opens. Burglars realized that they could easily pick on these locks without any sign of forced entry thanks to the technique requiring no special skill.

This technique is effective and allows a large number of locks to be opened in the shortest time possible. It is estimated that burglars can open 90% of the locks in just about 20 seconds. What’s more, over 90% of brand new locks from stores are susceptible to lock bumping compared to the old locks. Another statistic indicates that a bump key used in lock bumping can be made by anyone in less than five minutes. Additionally, no one can see any sign of damage or forced entry when a bump key is used.

How does lock bumping work?

The technique involves use of bump keys which are specially cut to take pick at the pin tumbler locks. The bump key is made to match the keyway of a particular lock. If both the key and the lock matches, chances are high that the key will open the lock. Anyone can order bump keys online or make them at home with a triangular file and an old key. Burglars are able to open about 90% of locks.

To bump a lock, all one need is to insert the bump key into the lock and tap with a screwdriver to force all the pins inside the lock that is above the shear line.

Vulnerable locks

If you purchased your locks from a large retailer or a local hardware sore, there is a high likelihood that they can be picked. 24 hour locksmiths will warn you that mass produced locks are not able to guarantee you security or keep your belongings safe.

This is because these locks are keyed alike which makes creating a bump key easy. Moreover, these locks lack pick guards which make them an easy target for picking.

Before purchasing any lock, it is wise to consult 24 hour locksmiths in regards to the best type of lock that can’t be easily bumped.

One way 24 hour locksmiths suggest is to install chain latches to the exterior doors. Another cost effective way would be to modify the existing locks. The 24 hour locksmiths Perth can make the modifications to increase security on your doors.