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What is Home Invasion?

Crime rates are increasing with each passing day, and criminals are finding new ways to commit their crimes. They always try to hide their crimes, and unfortunately, most of them succeed, too. One of the most ubiquitous crimes is, to state the obvious, breaking and entering. Hence it is always safe to have security systems installed in your home.

Home Invasion

Simply put, if you are home when the criminal breaks and enters, it is home invasion; if you are not at home, then it is burglary. Sometimes, criminals themselves don’t know if they are committing burglary or home invasion.

They may think no one is home and enter your property, only to realize that the home owner to be present. And it simply becomes a home invasion. During such times, they may hurt the residents, too. This mostly happens during the day, but at night, it is a different story altogether.

They may be aware of security systems installed, yet they barge in – sometimes, to hurt the owner. This could be pre-planned. Home invasions are not always about stealing money and other valuables. It could also be a case of ‘intent to hurt.

So usually, home invasions occur when the home is occupied. The criminals do not bother about the owner’s presence. They just want to get in and get their job done. They don’t care about the security systems. They may use violence and intimidation to break in. As ugly as it may sound, they may even prefer it that way. Home invaders are usually dangerous. Home invasions may not always be pre-planned. A home invader may act on an impulse – may be to get even with the owner of the house and commit the crime.