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What is Concrete Cutting All About

This is the process of sawing in a controlled manner, then the drilling and the removal of concrete. These must only be done by skilled operators as the process involves the use of very heavy and sharp tools such as saws with diamond blades. The skilled operators will be able to do the concrete cutting with exact precision and thus, no mistakes along the way. In the past, the process involves the use of tools like a jack hammer but the result is very messy and dusty. But these days, concrete cutting involves the use of the state of the art tools like special machines that will result into a smooth finish of the concrete or asphalt.

The Different Methods of Cutting Concrete

1) Diamond sawing is the first method of concrete cutting. This method will finish the job faster and more accurately. Only few machine operators are required to finish the job well. As compared to other kinds of saw, this one emits less noise and less vibration. But this method of cutting concrete is most often employed only by the concrete cutting contractors from Sydney.

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2) Concrete wall sawing. This is the second method of concrete cutting. This method makes use of circular blades which can climb high walls and even cut the ceilings. This method of cutting concrete will be able to cut walls that are sixteen to thirty six inches in width or diameter.

3) Flat sawing. This is the third method used in concrete cutting. Areas such as pavements and floors require the method which is also called slab sawing. The saws used are placed inside a cart which the machine operator will then push from the behind. This is employed in order to retrieve the broken pipes and the the wirings beneath the concrete floors.

4) Core drilling. This is another method that is used in concrete cutting. This is employed to create open pipes, opening up a ventilation for exhaust fans or air conditioners, among others. This method is used to cut concretes in circular shapes. This method is not as simple as it is and this is why it requires the expertise of highly skilled concrete cutting machine operators.

5) Wire sawing. This method of concrete cutting is reserved for large scale projects of cutting concretes. The machines are kinda complicated to assemble and to operate and the job is only reserved for operators with long years of skills and experience.