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What is Acquired Brain Injury?

Brain injuries are increasingly becoming the primary cause of physical disability and paralysis. There are a number of different types of brain injuries which are classified on the basis of the force of impact on the brain or head. Acquired brain injury is one of those.It is a complex condition that damages the brain after the birth.

The various possible reasons behind the damage are accident, trauma, stroke, infection in brain, side effects of medical drugs and Parkinson’s disease.

Though acquired brain injury may result in disability and difficulty in communicating or expressing their thoughts, it doesn’t have any effect on the intellectual ability of the person. Acquired brain injuries are not rare. Around 500,000 of the Australian population have an ABI, three-fourth of them are men. 75% of them are less than 65 years.

Traumatic brain injury is a very common type of acquired brain injury. It occurs due to severe blows to the head or due to rapid movement of the head in to and fro motion. These situations can arise in the case of a motor vehicle accident, an assault, violent shaking, and fall from stairs, sporting accidents or a gunshot wound. As a result of these happenings, the brain may be stretched, bruised, penetrated or swollen from inside. This may restrict the flow of oxygen to those parts of the brain that may be bleeding internally. The blood clotting may lead the person to go into a coma.