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What is a Door Jamb?

Jambs are the most needed parts of the door structure.  These are the vertical sections that do the work of the supporters. They will support the door from both sides. One of the jambs is called the hinge jamb while the other one is called the locking jamb. The former is called so as it has all the hinges installed into it. The latter consists of the locking mechanism that fits the latch of the door into its strike plate. The horizontal member that connects both the jambs is called head.

What is it made of?

The material used in its making completely depends on the type of place it is going to be used. If we talk about the residential buildings, wood is generally employed to make it. Since the wooden part is hidden under the casing, the finishing of the wood doesn’t really matter. Coming to the commercial section, the jambs are made up of steel.

The cold rolled steel is used for interior application while the galvanized steel is utilized in the exterior locations. Architect normally prefers the use of stainless steel or aluminum in order to impart a glossy and fine finish. Fiber glasses are also used sometimes because of the durability they offer. They can also withstand the harsh climatic conditions for a longer time as compared to the others. A handyman in Gold Coast can fix any kind of problem related with the doors.

Doors with equal rabbets can be constructed in custom made frames.

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