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What Does a Team Building Exercise Focus on?

Decision making process, reaching consensus on a common decision, building momentum through a project and keeping the momentum steady so that the project reaches its due conclusion in the given timeline are some of the things that a team building exercise focuses on. When there are new hires in the team, the exercise is more like an orientation program to help them immerse themselves in the workflow and understand the company culture. If the exercise is done specifically before an important project is launched, or some organizational changes are done so that the team can adapt to the changes in a faster and easier manner, then it would be geared only towards the specific project requirements.

The benefits of separate team building exercises

Corporate team building is needed in a company so that an atmosphere of mutual respect, co-ordination, and motivation can be built in the company. Team building activities can be done over day long sessions, or can even mean an hour long interaction and brainstorming session between the core members of the team. It depends on what the members on your team need to focus on at that very moment and only the team leader can grasp that need and organise a session accordingly. And though it is important to have your team interact with other tams as well, sometimes flying solo is a much better idea.

Clear Context

The context in which a task has to be performed and how it helps the company live up to its goals and achieve targets should also be explained to all team members so they have a clear picture of how the company is benefited by their work. Context is very important in team building events.