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Website Optimisation

The basic tenets of search engine optimization can help you to place your website in a suitable manner. It is very essential to learn the fundamental details of website optimization. It will help people to locate your site easily. Your website must be managed in such a way so that both the visitors and the various search engines like Google, Bing can benefit greatly from it.

Experts believe that your website resembles a cake. Social media, links acts as the icing on the cake. The information architecture together with the content is the sugar which enhances the gastronomical pleasures.

Basic Criteria of the Search Engines

The basic function of the search engines is to suggest relevant content and suitable websites to the users. The content material is the basic building block of the entire framework. How fast the site works is the next big thing. Find out for yourself if the site works properly. Your site can become an authoritative presence only if it can provide links to good content.

There should be no additional hindrance about navigating around the site. The look of the site can enhance user experience. The bounce rate too demands attention.

Enemies of a Search Engine

A search engine spider has a particular capacity regarding the storage of data. Do not try to perform any shady tactics. If you try to do so, then you might come across several unpleasant experiences on the way.

Keyword stuffing gives your site a cluttered look. Do not depend on the bad habit of buying links. It can lead you nowhere.

Do not overburden the site with innumerable advertisements. This will merely increase the bounce rate. Have knowledge about the bounce rate of your site. This will aid you to garner more information about your own site..

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