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Website Design Tips for Schools and Educational Institutions

The web designs of schools and educational institutions should be attention seeking, as it will be viewed by the students, parents, teachers and faculty who are a part of education system. Website designers should use customized designs and captivating content to make the website interesting. An appealing, modern and well designed school website can create a positive image of the school in the viewers mind. The school or educational institution should include all the key components in their websites so as to give out appropriate information. For this, Annie Minton is one of the best website designer in Sunshine Coast to do the job.

Events calendar

Schools and educational institutions host various events which are pre planned and aim at developing the students. These events can be updated and posted on the website on a regular basis, so that the parents and students can utilize the opportunity, to know and participate in the events.


School website should include a component called contact, wherein the address, email and the phone numbers of the administrative heads, principal and staff can be mentioned. Also a map guiding to your school premises can be designed to make the landmarks easier. This helps the parents to contact the schools staff personally and makes them familiar with the school.

Online Applications and forms

The website can be utilized in an effective way to project the schools applications or forms which needs to be filled by the students and teachers. These forms could include either admission forms, medical insurance forms or feedback forms. The website is an easy way to access the forms and can reduce conveyance problems.

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