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Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

If you own or manage a website then you should understand that they are no longer supposed to be only information dispensing forums. Websites have become powerful branding tools which are used by corporate and small businesses who like to market their products and services and carve out an unique identity for themselves in the virtual corporate jungle.

Poor navigation

Online users have a very short attention span and anything which requires them to put in a lot of effort quickly turns them off. If your website has poor navigation abilities then a lot of users are going to move away before you even have a chance of showing them your product/service basket. People who will visit your site will be looking for specific information and your goal should be to let them access this information as fast as possible.

Moreover a disorganised website will give potential customers the impression that your business also lacks direction and focus.

No call for action

This is an error found in about 50% of websites (especially those of small businesses). Typically these websites will have long bland paragraphs with nothing creating a sense of urgency for the user. A business website is mostly useless if it cannot increase the profit margin in any way. Users won’t be able to buy/subscribe/download/sign up for whatever you are selling if it’s buried in an ocean of words.

Website text should be short and crisp and the call for action should be powerul, visible and compelling. Put call to action buttons as they are very attention catching.