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Ways on Properly Washing the Beach Towels

Beach towels are quite expensive due to the high quality of fabric being used in them. That being said, you need to properly wash them, without damaging the material of towels. Poncho beach towels for kids offer best varieties of beach towel. These are very affordable, and are easy to maintain. Let’s find out the correct way of washing beach towels without running their texture.

Repetition of Process

After the towel gets completely dry, smell the towel, should you still get stingy or foul smell from it, repeat the process of washing the towel. But this time, you just need to soak the beach towel in the only that much of water, which can drench the towel. Add one cup of clear ammonia, and spin it for a while in the washing machine.

Now, let the towel remain soaked overnight. Mix one spoon of non-bleaching detergent in it, and complete one wash cycle. Again dry the towel using the same process, and let it dry completely. You will get properly washed towel, with refreshing smell.

Avoid Fabric Softeners

Avoid using fabric softeners as they tend to make towels very stiff and rough. They remove the natural softness and puffiness of towels, and spoil the fabric of the towel. Prefer using vinegar instead. It’s friendly to Poncho beach towels for kids, and keeps their softness intact.

Besides that, you can use white vinegar on stiff and rough towels also, and make them puffy and smooth. This trick works not only on beach towels, but also on other towels used at home.

Old towels can be recycle instead of disposing it to minimise waste. Recycling is a part of waste management.