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Waxing Your Surfboards

When you are using a surfboard, it is important that you have a firm grip on your board so that you will not easily fall off when you are riding it, especially when you are riding it on a big wave, having not enough grip on it will make it very hard to ride on. This is why waxing your surfboard is very important. Surfboard wax offers you a tight grip on your board and riding it on waves will not be as hard when the board is properly waxed. It is important to do it properly so that the grip that you will have on your board is balanced giving you a full control on your board.


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Waxing surfboards is quite easy. Here are some steps that you can follow in doing so.

1.    Applying the base coat.

Of course before anything else, it is important that you first have to apply a basecoat on your board. Applying the base coat is really important because this will determine if your coat will last long on your board and will really stick to it. So you should apply the basecoat that is right for your board and not just any basecoat that you first see. The basecoat is where your top coating will be put on so putting the basecoat on should be done properly.

In applying the basecoat, there are patterns that you can use to ensure that your board is properly waxed with it. Patterns are the circular motion which goes up and down the board, second is the straight line motion which runs parallel to the board in both horizontal and vertical line, third is the crosshatch pattern that runs diagonal and perpendicular to the board, and lastly, the kitchen sink which is the combination of patterns. If you notice that bumps are starting to form on the board then you can already say that you are doing it right.

2.    Applying the top coat.

After covering all the area that needs to be covered with a basecoat, start putting on the top coat now. Cover also all those area that you have covered with the basecoat. The top coating is also very important since this is what will give you a tight grip when you are on the board so it is important that you put on the wax properly and not just how you want it to be. For you to be able to know if you have already covered all the area that your basecoat has covered, you may want to use a colored top coat so that you can tell if you missed any area or not.

If your topcoat and basecoat have the same color then you might just have a hard time in telling so. After, comb the wax on your board using the wax comb in diagonal crosshatch motion so that your grip on your board will be better. After doing so, spray cool water on your board to make the coating stick better on the board. And then you are done.