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Water Skiing Rules and Regulations that You Ought to Know

Water Skiing is popularĀ  sports among all ages and requires participants to abide by some safety measures. Though many lakes in and around Australia have opened their way for the sport yet every lake has its own bifurcated area and norms to go by. It is advisable to enquire about the availability of the sport in certain lake or dam area before going for it.

Sometimes water depth and other conditions which are a pre-requisite for the sport may act as a spoil sport.

Rules & Regulations

A must in this water sport is that the skier should drive more than 45m behind a skier or a boat. An indication by the skipper who is about to take off with a skier is to be given to vessels dropping off a skier.

A gesture of holding both arms in air is the signal specified to show that they are not on the controls of the boat. In case the skier falls off, the observer should hold one arm straight up in the air to indicate other vessels so that they can look for the skier in the water.

On the other hand, the fallen skier should raise both arms in the air to show that he has sustained no injury. The skipper while dropping off the skier to the shore should point out the same by raising & lowering his hand above the head.

And most importantly, one should wear a safety gear like a life jacket and a good pair of water skis.

Adventure Sport

Though there are many rules that need to be followed while venturing into this sport yet one can enjoy the sport to the fullest. Skiing in water is an adventure sport so the various regulations should not be a downer to people who enjoy an escapade. Try to indulge into this sports during your holiday!

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