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Waste Management Tips for Construction Waste

Waste Management is a major concern for the builders and site constructors these days. The waste resulting from demolition and other construction activities has to be dumped in such a way that they comply with the environment standards and also the state authorities standards for the proper disposal of construction waste. The construction and demolition Industry is the biggest producer of waste in the world, and contributes a lot to the annual waste that is being generated worldwide.

Recycle and Reuse

The best sustainable practice nowadays is to reuse and recycle the waste produced from this construction and demolition work. To reuse the waste products is to utilize them in such activities like using the metals and other reusable products as raw materials in the manufacturing industry and making fresh products from them.

The recycling and reuse activities can actually save you a lot of money as well as protect and conserve natural resources to a considerable extent.

C&D Waste Management Plans

The Australian government has fixed rules and regulations concerning activities that involve construction and demolition work. Waste management has been given a priority and all that can be reused or reutilized has to be separated out from the waste before disposal of the remaining useless waste. This reusable and recyclable waste can be utilized, and can lead to better sustainable development practices.

Recyclable and Reusable Materials

The things that can be reused and recycled include joists, wooden beams, baseboards, studs, cupboards, cabinets, railings, furnishing, doors & casings, brick, bathroom fixtures, interior windows, ceiling grid, light fixtures and tiles.