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Waste Disposal Ideas That You Can Help Towards Community Waste Management

Waste management is to properly dispose, segregate, reuse waste. The 3 R’s of waste management are Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. Recycling is to find new uses of your waste like plastic paper can be used to make reusable bags, aluminium packaging can be used to make dinner plates, dinner trays, foil, and pear can be recycled to make bags, bulk mail paper, shoeboxes, towels etc.

You need to practice better home disposable systems to help to keep your surroundings clean. The following home disposal tips would help you manage your cleanliness initiatives.

Garbage collection

It is important to segregate garbage at the site of use. All the plastic and non biodegradable waste needs to be separately kept from the organic waste. The waste segregation at source helps the garbage collection agency to easily manage the garbage for better disposal and recycling. In many countries it is important to segregate the garbage in to particular coloured bags and provide the same to the garbage collection agency.

The best way to reduce waste generation is to reduce the waste purchase. This is important, that as a concerned citizen you buy recycled materials. This would help you to realise lower waste generation. Waste segregation should be practiced at household and community levels with skip bin for hire. You need to wash and reuse glass containers, use cloth bags for purchases and use the waste paper for memos and other craft activities for children. Waste segregation and management is an art and should be practiced with urgency. The future of your children and the world is in the hands of the households.