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Wake boarding – An Alternative Option for Snowboarders

Summer is on the verge and most of you snowboarders are just getting ready to bid goodbye to the thrilling adventures on the snow in the alpine ranges. While most of you are doubtful enough if any of the summer activities will be able to give you similar adrenaline boost, all you need to try is wakeboarding. Get hold of your wake boards and experience a fun-filled adventurous summer. Wakeboarding will also help in enhancing your snowboarding skills.

Liquidforce wakeboard has a lot more to offer than you may expect. It is gradually capturing the attention of snowboarders because of the somewhat similar experiences of tricks, skills, equipments and muscle work-out.

You may also acquire some new skills while wakeboarding that you may apply on the powder snow in the next winter. Here are some similarities between wakeboarding and your favourite snowboarding to make you aware of why it can be an alternative option for you in the summers.

Rail Skills

One of the most popular skills of snowboarding can find its twin in wakeboarding. The set of skills between the two water sports is almost identical. The hopping onto the rail and safe landing in snowboarding can be practiced on the slider in wakeboarding. Therefore, your take-off skills are retained through the summers so that you champion the rail manoeuvre in the snow.

Jumping Tricks

You can also enhance your jumping skills while wakeboarding as the techniques are of the same pattern in both the sports. Having ridden the ramp, jumping straight and pulling up the feet for stability in the air is a technique common to both.

One of the best outdoor sport that you can also try is the skateboarding.

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