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Vanuatu Wedding Package For An Unforgettable Wedding Experience

Of all the wedding plans one could go for, none is as enchanting as a destination wedding, particularly an island wedding. Romantic, private and serene, it symbolizes all that a wedding should be. An island wedding is pricey, of course. All those benefits must naturally have a price. However, for people who can afford it, the experience is unmatched. It’s also a great opportunity for guests to indulge themselves.

Which island to choose?

There are so many islands, and all of them have something unique to offer. What should be a common factor is facilities namely in the way of a resort or any other worthwhile wedding venue. Wedding package organizers should ideally have a strong presence whichever island you choose. Else, it’ll be impossible trying to follow the wedding plan. One island that stands out from many others is the Vanuatu.

Why Vanuatu Island?

Every island offers privacy and spectacular natural wonders but Vanuatu is unique in that it hasn’t turned into a commercial holiday spot. This, despite the huge collection of fish and reef coral. To drive home this feeling of solitude, the resort’s rooms feature personal spas but a stone’s throw from the water’s edge. No noisy neighbors and traffic.

Entertainment to plan

Vanuatu wedding package typically have entertainment revolving around water sports like diving, snorkeling and fishing. A band can be hired but for the most part being entertained by the island itself is an unforgettable experience. At Vanuatu Island Resort, you can even hire a motorised dinghy so you and your new spouse can take a private tour of the bays. A quick stop to the giant clam nursery to witness these massive creatures will end your special day with wonder. The next day can include flying over the island on a helicopter or a seaplane. You’ll get to appreciate the magnificence of the land with its emerald green expanse of vegetation, blue-green waters, and sandy beach. An important stop to make is at the research station which conducts marine research. If you plan the wedding date right, you may be able to meet scientists and researchers as they study the local reef and the island’s ecosystem. It’s really an experience to enjoy especially if you’re a marine life buff.

Island food

Every island has a menu to offer, and Vanuatu is no different. For seafood lovers, it’s simply a dream come true. Sampling the local dishes, freshly caught fish, and locally grown fruits and veggies is something to remember. It’s healthy too! For a non-commercial wedding destination chooses Vanuatu. There are only a few islands that can match it in privacy and facilities. It has everything you could want and need for an Vanuatu wedding packages. If you have deeper pockets, you can book the entire island too! Just visit any one of the travel websites to see how highly it’s rated.