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Useful Ideas on Setting Up Equipment for Your Cool Room

When you are into a hospitality industry, it is important to have cool rooms to store all catering or restaurant ingredients to maintain their freshness. Due to it’s importance, proper setting up of this equipment should be followed as well. So, a few tips on how to set up the equipment properly for this room will help, if you are working in hospitality industry.

Solid and insulated doors

Always make sure to check the insulation and gaskets on the doors which are placed near the cool room equipment. This helps in conserving a lot of the energy which otherwise will be drained from the equipment use. The doors should prevent warm air from diffusing into them and the area between the wall and the door should be tightly sealed so that even air at normal temperature does not flow in. Also keep an eye on the latches and hinges which are used to fix the door and also that plastic curtains are placed between the door and the equipment to reduce the wastage of energy as well as allow easy movement of forklift and people working in these rooms.

Check the heat load and capacity

Cool rooms work best only when the temperature is more than the normal temperature and it is maintained all the time. The coolness also varies with the capacity of the equipment, the quantity of produces which is stored and the temperature required by these produces to stay fresh. Always check whether your equipment is able to dispose the normal heat and is not affected by the lighting, ceiling, flooring, other equipments or people moving in and out, to maintain the temperature while reducing the expenses and electricity bill which might increase if the equipments are not set up in proper areas.