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Types of Shower Screens

Shower screens are a necessity in bathrooms. They curtail the flow of water within a particular space. Which means, after having your bath you will not find any water in the area after the the shower stall. In addition, the shower stall will give you the privacy while having your bath. It also keeps the humidity in the bathroom limited only to the shower stall. As a result, you will not find you the mirrors in the bathroom with moisture after having your bath.

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Types of shower screens

Keeping with the trends, you can go for the glass shower screens which are very popular. They also encase the shower stall giving you a definite space to have your bath. Glass shower screens come in square, diamond and rectangular shapes.

Frameless glass shower screens are very popular. They are best used for dividing the space and compartmentalising the bathroom. It reduces your cost as you will not have revamp the bathroom designs. It also gives a very sleek and classy feel.

Fold glass shower screens allow you to fold the screen when required. As a result, you can choose the amount of space you want while showering. In addition, fold glass shower will prevent water from splashing outside. You can also arrange the fold glass shower screens with more than one style.

Bi-fold showers are two glass pieces that are held by strong and durable hinges. It can be opened to close the shower stall. And, once you are done showering, you can fold the bi-fold shower screen into one. It works as a door which can stop water from flowing out. In addition, it is available within your budget.