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Types of Papers for Business Cards

Business cards play an important role in generating potential clients. They provide a very marketing tool to introduce the business to the potential customers, along with giving the contact information. Their design and making material are the traits that create an impression on the client’s mind. The more appealing your business card design is, the more attention that of client’s, it will garner.


The companies who wish to see their pictured logo on the business card, this paper is perfect. The glossy surface makes it more shining and hence eye catching. Clients are sure to at least give it one complete look on receiving it, which they wouldn’t have given for normal textured business cards. The printed picture creates an image of the company in client’s mind. Though, this may increase the printing cost of the cards.


This paper has a real smooth surface to offer. Anybody who lays his fingers on this type of business card paper is sure to get mesmerized by its feel. The buttery smooth texture will tempt him to move his fingers all over the card and meanwhile read all the details during this process. It is not as shinier as the glossy cards. Their soft texture ensures their stay in the client’s wallet or card holder.


This type of paper will make your business card printing stand out of the league. Its making cost is more than the others but it totally justifies its cost with to the level of impact on the potential customer.

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