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Types of Painting Jobs a Commercial Painting Contractor is Required For

Painting may seem like a relatively easy job where you just have to dip your paint brush into a bucket and then carry, or even selecting the appropriate paint colours, but in reality, there are a lot of other things commercial painting contractors are supposed to do. The Australian Government defines a range of jobs which a commercial contractor is supposed to handle and the appropriate training specifications along with it.

Typical job range of a painting contractor

All kinds of painting work for large facility has to be outsourced to a painting contractor. The steps that have to be generally followed are preparation of the base, application of paint and then the final cleanup. Apart from actually painting a contractor is absolutely in charge of all activities that happen on the work site. He is also responsible for the safety of his employees and making sure no unfortunate accidents take place. Usually a commercial painting contractor will be in charge of several jobs at once so h will usually travel from one site to the other for supervision. Hiring new workers and training them also falls under his responsibilities. A painting contractor can paint factories, offices, walls on industrial sites and also carry on home painting assignments.

Home and Apartment painting

The quality of paint applied to your home or apartment will influence its appearance to a large degree. You need to have specialized knowledge to paint exterior walls, especially if they are enhanced with different textures. Apart from cases where a simple touch up is required, it’s always better to hire a painting contractor for high value and high volume jobs. You don’t want your home to ultimately look shabby and unkempt because you have got the painting job done by local workmen.

Jobs needing scaffolding

Any job which involves the construction of scaffolds should be handled by a painting contractor. Trying to constructing a scaffold without knowledge of the basic safety precautions is actually not recommended. In fact, it is illegal to so, according to the rules set by the Australian government. Paint sprayers, commercial painting equipment and usage of tools required to do a ceiling painting can only be found with the Commercial Painter Perth who have the proper licenses.