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Types of Lights

Halogen lights can also be used as an energy saving source of light. They don’t draw much power, and provide eco-friendly light, without causing any pollution to the environment. These lights have one capsule used inside them, which keeps the gas close to filament in the light. This capsule increases the efficiency of light and deters the wastage.

With the use of halogen lights, you can bring down 25 per cent of electricity consumption. As they are available in wide range of styles, sizes and colours, along-with saving your pocket, they will enhance the aesthetics of your house.

Linear Fluorescent Bulbs

Linear florescent bulbs also offer a great energy saving alternative. They can be used to save power, because without consuming much electricity, they are capable of producing bright light. And also they are not very expensive to buy.

You can save 75 per cent of energy with the use of linear florescent bulbs. Just like energy saving LED lights, they can comfortably be used in areas requiring high level lighting. You can get them in different colours and sizes, and can electrify your home, office or commercial premises, without adding extra costs into your electricity bills.


Since longevity is one of the topmost attractions of LED home lighting, you should check this out too. Regular bulbs have a life of 750 to 1000 hours when used extensively. However when used similarly, an LED lamp is expected to last for more than 50,000 hours!

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