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Types of Decks

A deck is an excellent addition to a house. Not only does it make your life in the house more enjoyable and adds an extra element to the décor, it also gives a hundred percent return on your investment when you decide to sell your house in the future. The only confusing bit though is the choice of a deck. There are so many designs out there, such different types of woods being used that if one is not careful you can end up with a deck that jars completely with your home design and is of no value.

Finding the right inspiration

Ideas abound, and if you happen to look up the web you will find many pictures of wonderfully done up decks from all over the world. What really matters though is how the design from half a continent away fits in with your ideas. Before you choose a design, you should ask yourself what the purpose of the deck is going to be.

Are you building a sun deck to lounge about in on those sunny days in winter, or a pool deck that will be incorporated along with the existing pool you have? Seating arrangements are another aspect you need to consider. If you wish to have a deck for outdoor barbecues or kitchen area then installing a fireplace would be a good idea. If you want an expert to do this, hire a handyman.

Loft Renovations

Your first step should be to map out the measurements of the loft. If you have about 2.4 meters up there you can extract enough headroom. If you have a really steep slope for a roof consider yourself lucky for now you can squeeze in a mezzanine.

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