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Types of Cellulite

Cellulite originates due to the structured cell combinations taking place beneath the epidermal skin. It gives the skin an uneven and shabby look. Cellulite is of three types;hard cellulite and soft cellulite are most common one. Based on the type of cellulite deposits you have got into your body parts, mechanism for fighting cellulite can be designed.

If we consider the gender ratio, cellulite is more prominent in women. And the reason responsible for that is variation in epidermis, dermis and uppermost part of the subcutaneous tissue among men and women. Apart from that men have hard dermis and epidermis tissues in their hips and buttocks. Cellulite Cavitation Machines helps you reshape your body to your desired goal.

Subcutaneous fat structure, which gets formed in mother’s womb itself, varies in both men and women. Female hormones provide favourable environment for subcutaneous fat structure to flourish. Therefore, Cellulite can be called a typical women problem.

Hard cellulite

Hard cellulite is most common among young women and takes root right from the teenage. Not only obese women, but also lean and skinny women are found to have hard cellulite in their very young age. Hard cellulite when pinched resembles orange peel and it doesn’t move when you walk or make any movement.

It’s hard to get rid of hard cellulite as cellulite remains in very close contact with the muscles.This cellulite remains close to the muscles and it’s difficult to detect it. The sooner it gets detected, better it is, the skin treatment can be started immediately.

You can start by doing workouts in exersize equipment to lose weight.