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Types of Bathtubs

Bathtubs are more than a place where you can wash yourself. It helps you to soothe your tired body and have some personal time for yourself to relax. Based on these requirements most of the bathtub manufacturers have designed them depending on their style, shapes and special features.

Most of them have personalities and usually divided into freestanding and clawfoot ones. Those who come in the bracket of alcove, corner tubs or drop-ins can be placed next to the walls so that it can merge well with the décor of the bathroom.

Alcove Bathtub

The alcove bathtubs are quite common and fit in a three-wall space or enclosure. If the walls are tiled then the enclosure can have both bathtub as well as shower. It also saves a lot of space and one end can be between an exterior wall and built-in storage space. The standard length for this kind of tubs in about 60 inches and you can choose them based on your requirement.

Drop-In Bathtub

A drop-on bathtub comes in different designs and sizes. It can be fitted with the help of a carpenter who can develop a deck which can protrude into the room and the tub can be installed in it. It has its own rim and can also be installed in an alcove. However, quite commonly it is installed usually in an open space. There is a requirement for more floor space for this kind of bathtubs.

Look for a shower screen glass when you are revamping your bathroom.