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Types of Air Conditioners

There are distinct types of air conditioners. Knowing the different types there are will help to make purchase decisions. You can use your knowledge to gauge your needs, and what type of cooling unit will meet them.

Packaged AC

In packaged ACs, all the functional components come enclosed in a single unit. No additional assembly is required, just basic installations. They are useful for halls, and very large rooms. There are also different types of packaged ACs depending on the cooling systems and how they are used.

  • Water cooled condenser: this system uses water rather than air to effect its cooling. It works by passing water over tubes where the refrigerants pass through. Because this system needs constant supply of water, they can be difficult to maintain.
  • Air cooled condenser: this system uses air to effect its cooling. It draws atmospheric air, and passes it over the condenser coil. They are mostly preferred to the water cooled condenser types because of the free and constant air supply.

Window AC

Window AC is air conditioning units made for small and single rooms. They are made as a single unit that can fit into window sills. Because they are a single unit, installation doesn’t require special skills than following installation instructions. They are the cheapest of all the types of air conditioners, and are easy to maintain.

Split AC

Split AC comes with two parts; an outdoor unit, and an indoor unit connected by wires and pipes. The indoor unit is used to collect warm air from the room and exchange it for cold air. The hot air is passed to the external unit via the pipes where they are circulated to the atmosphere. Split AC doesn’t require windows, just a little hole to pass the wires and pipes through. Also, they are quieter than the window AC.

Central Air conditioning systems

This is a onetime installation for companies, offices and corporations. It saves times and cost of using individual systems in each rooms. Central air conditioners make use of very large compressors that have the capacity to emit hundreds of tons of cooled air. Though they are capital intensive when installing, they offer a long term solution to the cooling challenges of very large spaces. They are also very quiet, with no one noticing the source of the cooling.

Now, you can ascertain the type of cooling unit that will serve your need. This will help maximise the effect of your cooling system, and makes sure you don’t waste money.

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Do install window blinds for privacy in your home. Also, it can be used to minimised the sunlight from entering your home.