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Top Jobs for Expats in Thailand

Are you planning to work abroad? Try Thailand. You will have to spend some time there, get to know people and understand their culture and how the system runs. So it is advisable to do some research on websites concerning Thai culture. Second, you have to be a specialist of some kind: a job only a few people can do. So once you understand this, working in Thailand will be a fun ride.  Listed below are two of the top jobs in Thailand for expats.

English Teacher

Another lucrative profession you can have is that of an English teacher, as Thailand is short of English teachers. You don’t even have to be a professional teacher in Australia. All you have to do is take a course in Thailand, just so you can understand their demands and priorities, and get a certificate. You can easily make around 30,000 THB per month.

Real Estate

The real estate is booming in Thailand. Hence many real estate offices are always looking for foreigners who can take up jobs as property agents. You will be required to take care of developments and timeshares. Home Loans

You will be asked to visit places and talk to prospective customers. Your job description also involves recruiting purchasers for business development and for some management positions. Good communication is one of the important qualities you should have.

To do any of the above jobs, you should already be living in Thailand for some time. You should be around and be ready to take the job when the opportunity strikes. You can’t depend on internet free advertisements. There is a misconception that the only job you can take up is teaching. If you are willing, you can easily earn decent money by trying for any of the above jobs. Working in Thailand, then, will be easy and also fun.

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