Top 5 Things You Must Do When in Sydney

A lot of people have been to Sydney many times, but they keep coming back. This is because the place boasts of many attractions from city lights to amazing architecture. When visiting the city, here are five things you should never forget to do:

Visit the Sydney Opera House

The interesting design of the Sydney Opera house which looks like a number of sails connected to each other takes everyone’s breath away every time they see it. It is now considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are six venues inside the opera house where a lot of entertainment and events are held. Although its interiors are majestic, the best way to appreciate this architecture is through boat hire. This will take you on a luxury cruise along the Sydney harbor where you can admire the Sydney Opera House from different angles.

Clim the Sydney Harbor Bridge

It does not matter whether you do this before or after your Sydney Harbour boat hire cruise. It will still be a unique experience because of its impressive design. It was modeled after the Hell Gates bridge of New York which is designed by an English company.

Go to the Taronga Zoo

There are only a few zoos that can be compared to the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. It stretches across the harbor which makes it possible for you to take a picture with the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge as the backdrop. There is a Sydney Harbour boat hire that can take you to the Taronga Zoo.

Enjoy a drink at Darling Harbour

The best and the most luxurious hotels, vibrant bars, clubs, and entertainment spots in Sydney are found in Darling Harbour. Other places to go while you are in the area is the Sydney Aquarium as well as the Maritime Museum.

Watch the grey-headed flying foxes at the Botanical Gardens

While Sydney Harbour boat hire cruises gives tourists a taste of both nature and architecture, the Royal Botanic Gardens let them get close to the floras and faunas of Sydney. You can see grey-headed flying foxes dangling from the trees while exotic plants and beautiful trees decorate the entire garden.