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Top 5 Places to Visit During Fiji Holidays

For those who want to visit one of the best places for you to take a vacation, then Fiji is one of those amazing choices. Take note that this place is guaranteed to be really perfect for your needs in relaxation since it has a lot of amazing ambiance that will surely grant you paradise in this very world that we live in. If you happen to be planning with friends, family, or even the company, considering Fiji family resorts can be the best choice for you, and it’s guaranteed.

We can further tell you that this is an amazing place to take a vacation because there are some top places that we would love to recommend to you. Here are the five top places that you should visit as you take Fiji holidays:

Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa

This place is not any resort that’s more on modern style; this is a place that will let you experience the wonders of paradise with its grand ambiance. It has lush green trees, and a nice view of the clear, blue sea. This place has amazing areas for you to enjoy such as restaurants, a swimming pool for those who prefer swimming there, and even a kids’ club for your children.

LikuLiku Lagoon Resort

If you want something that has a spectacular view of the sea, along with some additional features to it, then Likuliku is the place to be. This is not just a very amazing place to be considered as a paradise because it also has very friendly and warmhearted customer service that will really treat you well as you take a family vacation here.

Radisson Blue Resort

If you prefer a more modern type of paradise, then go to Radisson Blue. This place has a very modern look to it, but will guarantee you an amazing view of the beach especially during the sunset. Enjoy some of the finest restaurants in Fiji as you visit here, and be sure to enjoy the nightlife in here if you want some more fun.

Westin Denarau Island

If you prefer pure relaxation, then take note of this place because this is not just all about the usual resort for nice Fiji holidays. This has a spa that has relaxing services so that you will feel more pampered during your stay here. It also has huts if you want to chill out on the beach, along with a very clear view of the blue sea.

Royal Davui Island Resort

If you want something that’s really lovely for couples, and for those who just love to experience paradise in a traditional and modern way, then this place is what’s recommended for you. It will really treat you like royalty as seen from the outdoor bedroom-style that it has, and it has a very wonderful view of the sea – a perfect place to appreciate love and nature together!