Top 3 Venues in California that’s Perfect for Wedding Event Sceneries

To those that do wedding pictorials in California, for sure you know that this place has everything when it comes to natural and romantic sceneries. If you get to choose California because your client lives there, or if you are based over there, for sure you will be able to see lots of nature’s creations because of the different farms, country sides and mountain ranges where picture perfect wedding pictures from pre-nup pictorials up to the end of your schedule during the reservation.

There may be lots of wedding venues to choose when you go to California to serve as a wedding photographer for your client, and it’s best to suggest them these top three venues that will surely become a romantic place to be for newlyweds starting from the beginning of the wedding up until the end of it. These places can be perfect for weddings and/or pictorials only. Here are as follows:


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Caballos Guest Ranch

This place is one of the most perfect wedding venues of all time because of its peaceful ambiance that’s just perfect for a wedding. These places contain what you need for an epic place for marriage. You can take the wedding on the ranch where you can see the wilderness just in front of you as the ceremony starts. This place also includes horseback riding services which is another fine addition for wedding pictorials.


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Circle Bar B Ranch and Stables

Another classy ranch styled place that have ranch themed halls, rooms and outdoors. This has a bar on the ground floor which is a perfect place for drinking and resting whenever there’s nothing to do. The bar looks like a huge saloon, and have comfortable sofas with some dining tables for those that want to eat. This place has a swimming pool for those who want to beat the heat. There are lots of sceneries that you can capture using your camera. Pre-nup pictures and wedding ceremony pictures are perfect in this place, plus you also get to capture the post-wedding pictures on a sunset as they ride a horse!


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Sogno Del Fiore

This one is not a ranch, but rather a nice looking garden that’s perfect for taking pre-nup photo shoots, and the actual event and reception of the wedding. This place is a nice venue during the day because of the lush and green surroundings, and is also great during the night because of the elegant and romantic looking lights that surround the place. Dim mights and hanging lights are adorned with the big bushes and vines of the garden, and is a perfect place to get married in California! Make sure to use your camera wisely to create dramatic sceneries in this place.

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