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Tools and other materials used for car detailing

When it comes to keeping a vehicle maintained to its peak condition, the best way to do it is to have a car detailing session. Car detailing is the act of cleaning and restoring a car not only from the outside but also from the inside. This is to make sure that the body of the car is not the only one that is neat and clean but also the seats, flooring and vents. With car detailing done to perform an intense cleaning, a few materials are used in addition to the usual bucket of water and trusted brand of soap tandem. Here are three common tools needed to perform this task.


Polishing machine

In car detailing, a polishing machine is used to polish and maintain the car’s body paint. There are several types of polishing machines but the most commonly used are the rotary and the oscillating types. While polishing machines are best left to the professionals as making a mistake can become a problem, people who insist on doing the polishing themselves should go with the oscillating type. After the car has been given a good polishing, it is then applied with car wax to protect the paint.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is used in car detailing when the ductworks are needed to be cleaned out to maintain and preserve a good smell within the car. The air compressor is set at a high pressure and is used to blow air directed at the walls of the ducts so it can remove dust that has clung to it. At the very least, cleaning the ductworks provides the car with a neutral smell and eliminates the scent of dust when the air condition is turned on and used during a drive.


Brushes are used for cleaning the mats or carpets of the car floor during car detailing. The mats or carpets are moved from the car floor and are cleaned in their respective manners. Regardless of how they are cleaned however, brushes are used to aid in effectively cleaning the car flooring materials. For instance, in the case of the rubber mats, brushes are used to activate the soap and help remove dirt and mud that has laced the rubber mats over the many months of use. The rubber mats are hosed down with water and the brush and soap goes next. After the dirt has been successfully removed, the mats are hosed again and are dried.

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