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Tips to Maintain the Life of your Floors Rugs and Carpets

Always read the label of any chemical shampoo or stain remover before applying it as not all products are suitable for all material. In general, such products are recommended for synthetic carpets and best avoided in case of woollen ones. Before application, always test a corner portion for running colour by rubbing it with a damp white cotton cloth. Apply the remover or shampoo with a damp cloth and never directly on to the carpet or rug. Doing so can make the stain permanent. Always rinse the area thoroughly after each application. Traces of soap left behind will attract dirt and bacteria. After rinsing, always let the rug or carpet dry out completely as any moisture left behind will be absorbed. This will damage the fabric gradually and encourage the growth of moulds and bacteria.

Miscellaneous Maintenance Tips

Rotate the rug or carpet after every six months so that all the sides are exposed equally and undergo equal wear and tear. If possible, rearrange furniture placed over the carpet so as to avoid deep crushing. Never place chair, tables or any other heavy furniture over your carpet for prolonged period without placing coasters or padding underneath them. Never move wheeled furniture across the carpet or rug as the threads will get entwined in the wheel and tear off. Always roll rugs or carpet while transporting them and never place any heavy article on top. Folding rugs or carpets will cause permanent crease and wrinkles at the folds.

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