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Tips to Avoid Coffee Addiction

You love your cup of coffee first thing in the morning, during the day in-between chores and maybe in the evening to stimulate your tired body after a hard day’s work! While coffee definitely perks you up at the right time, is it alright to have so much of coffee throughout the day?

Unknowingly, you may be slowly but surely slipping into an addiction mode where your body will actually react badly whenever it is denied its usual indulgence. Coffee beans contain caffeine that stimulates your body and gradually turns you into an addict.

Caffeine and your Cup of Coffee

Caffeine is the most important psychoactive ingredient in coffee beans. Raw Arabica coffee beans contain between 0.8% and 2.5% of caffeine while Robusta coffee beans contain between 2.5% and 4.0% of the stimulant. In the roasted form, a heaped teaspoon of instant coffee powder contains between 50-60mg of caffeine. One cup of filter coffee (125ml) provides between 60-100mg of caffeine whereas a small cup of espresso (80ml) has about 70-80mg of caffeine.

How does Caffeine Addiction affect you?

Research shows that caffeine, when consumed in an uncontrolled manner over a long time can become highly addictive. Typical addiction symptoms include lack of sleep; headache; stomach-ache and lack concentration whenever your body is denied its usual dose of caffeine at the right time. The symptoms set in within twelve to twenty-four hours of your not having coffee and can last anywhere between two to nine days. So how can you avoid falling into this addiction trap?

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