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Tips on Picking Plants for your Vertical Gardens

Having a vertical garden has many advantages. It not only adorns your home in an exquisite fashion but also clears interior air by getting rid of harmful toxins. But the garden is never complete without some well-chosen plants. There are plenty of systems that can used to create vertical gardens. These systems help you decide what species of plants are best for your interiors. However, there are plenty of other factors that come into play, like the conditions of light and your priorities.

Lipstick Plant

This is one of the best plants you can have for your vertical garden, for the hanging basket. It usually requires lower light and dry conditions to grow well. This is a free-flowering plant that has cascading and green leaves. It has burgundy beneath it. The colour of flowers is red and the bloom appears throughout the year.


This is a colourful shrub and has leaves that are very leathery. They are usually more colourful in bright light. If they don’t get enough bright light, the leaves will get smaller and pigmentation will be less intense. It is important to grow crotons at 60 to 80 degrees F. The humidity should be high as well. Also, it is crucial that you allow the surface of the soil to dry.

Cretan Brake Fern

These plants are quite fickle, but if you provide the right conditions, they grow very well. Its base should always be closer to the water source, as it doesn’t have any tolerance to dry soil. This plant grows slowly, unlike the other ones. But it provides a very unique appearance to your vertical garden.

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